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Comment: hard work
By: bonko
Checked out at: March 28, 2001
Checked in at: March 28, 2001
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kick ass
That's one kick ass blend from my tile below! =) Only thing you forgot was to blend the bottom left of your tile from your neighbor on your left. If it wasn't for that, I woulda given you a 5 (I gave a 4).
Re: kick ass
actually it looks like the tile to the left was checked in after this one.

Re: Re: kick ass
Ack! you're right...time to change my vote to a 5. I guess I just assumed it was a newer tile since I saw that fish tile on the left show up before this one. I'll have to make sure I check the date/time next time before accusing someone of creating a seam =) Sorry Bonko.