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Comment: Yes, he would eat you. No, he wouldnt need a napkin.
Checked out at: April 06, 2001
Checked in at: April 06, 2001
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What a great tile! It blends perfectly with my tile to the left of yours.. Nice work!! :)

Re: Nice!
I was under the impression that it was YOUR tile that blended nicely with MrScrappy's tile. I'm new to this board, but aren't the dates & times that pop up for each tile an indication of who's tile came first? Not to take anything away from MrScrappy's tile, it's really very good and it blends nicely with the tile below. Anyhow, great job, the both of you.
nice tile
Very cool. That's all I've got.
you do some amazing stuff! It's too bad the tile to your right didn't keep with the blue background "theme". BTW, is this another 3d modeled tile?...just curious
Re: Wow...
Since MrScrappy won't be checking in til tomorrow...I'll just add that he did model the octopus in 3D.
Re: Wow...
Thanks. Sorry you wanted it blue, though, I really didnt have any control over the thing. Montague the Wicked (the octopus in question), ordered the color shift. I had neither the time nor the energy (nor the courage, for that matter) to challenge him on the subject. So I conceded him this small victory, and with good reason. If an octopus wants his garden more of a seagreen, then by God, I belive that is his undeniable right. Sure, that may just be the trend of the month among the cephalopods, and his concubine (Mistress Bippie) will be whining for him to kill a sea cucumber or two to add a little red to the decor, but that is the risk he is taking and I assume he is well aware of it. Besides, if they really get tired of it, in a year or two they can just sub-let the the space to a family of inbred urchins.

'nuff said

Re: Re: Wow...
You're a jackass. He meant the one next to yours.
Re: Re: Re: Wow...
Yes...yes I am. Its early Monday morning, and I can't read yet. I thought Valacar was wanting mine to stay more blue to keep with the theme. You'll have to excuse me, because I'm stupid.
Sir, there's no excuse for you!
You just plain rock =) Good job!