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This tile is from Mainquilters 23: What Evuh!... We Do What We Want!

Comment: Two puzzles: 1) my signature is hidden somewhere in this tile 2) the cube appears to be constructed in two pieces, yet it appears to be impossible to put together or take apart because all faces of the assembled cube are identical ... can you find the solutions?
By: TeXeL
Checked out at: July 11, 2003
Checked in at: July 12, 2003
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great blend
this is a very hard tile to blend, in my opinion. i think you did great.
1. The sig's a piece of cake- it's the tacks on the top of the tile.
2. I didn't really understand the cube riddle. Did you mean "How are you able to assemble it?" Or "Why is it impossible to create it?"
I wrote that all its faces are identical... it should be "the four lateral faces has the same cut-shape". It is not impossible to be constructed, it is possible, but by the cut-shape it may look not possible to be assembled, so you have to find how it is constructed.

solution to part 2
Easy, the two halves slide out diagonaly on two tracks.
Re: solution to part 2
Yeah, thats it overlord, I will give you a coin for solving this... as soon as I have a coin to give to you xD
Re: Re: solution to part 2
hey! i solved it first remember XD
Re: Re: Re: solution to part 2
Yes, but you are the tiles administrator, so you play with advantage xDDDDDD