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This tile is from Mainquilters 22: Medievalness

Comment: Ice's circle theme inspiration...
Checked out at: June 27, 2003
Checked in at: June 28, 2003
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Can you explain perhaps...
a bit better how this is supposed to fit with the theme of the quilt? I really dont see any medieval theme in your tile.. I was wondering how you see your tile as medieval?
Re: Can you explain perhaps...
well it more looks like something from the seventies or so.. thats quite long ago too. but really, fibroptic, sir, putting a little more effort into it would have been nice. admittedly its quite hard to do real eyecatchy stuff along with two black borders. so no negative score from me due to ok blending :D
Re: Can you explain perhaps...
The title to mainquilter quilts is not a theme, but an attempt to inspire the artists.
fibroptic can draw whatever he likes. I think a -2 is not deserving on this tile... at least a -0.5, being that this tile is not really great and it sort of hurts the quilt, but I am not going to vote on it because I don't feel strongly enough about it either way.

fibroptic - from what I saw in your user's page, you can do better. The only piece of advice I can offer you is to try and draw according to the style of the quilt. If the style is realism, that is more preferred. If the style is abstraction, this sort of art is most welcome.

I'd appreciate a reply from you (fibroptic) to my notes.

Re: Re: Can you explain perhaps...
I'll try to do better... I was pretty tired and ...
I'll not do things like that any more... Thankx to all for your advices..
Re: Can you explain perhaps...
Like sPaz said, there's no real theme on mainquilts. Its original purpose was just to spark ideas in those who couldn't come up with any. But I have to disagree with sPaz on one thing. This doesn't hurt the quilt at all. In fact, when the quilt's done, this tile will stand out, and look awesome. All of you who voted negative scores should rethink it, because you're not being fair.
Re: Re: Can you explain perhaps...
I'm sorry, but i have to disagree with sPaz and antaydos. I know that you don't have to stick with the theme...but when the 100 or so other tiles have all tried to stay to a Medieval theme, people should acknowledge it. I think it does hurt the quilt, and yes it will stick out, but not for the reason said above, but because it's too different. sorry.
I like it
It is true that this tile does not match with the theme, but I like it. I've voted 3 to this tile as the artist thinks. Not higher because I can't rate it a 5 being a tile not matching with the rests of tiles as Dari said (mostly for respect to the other tilers who thinks this one is not a good one), and not a four because even if the down tile is well blended, the down-tile-style is not continued. Anyway if you look at it, you can see that it is very inspiring, it is equilibrated, looks good. I would have used the blue of the ice site background as background in this tile (in some parts), to make the tile looks as out of the quilt, I mean, mixed with the site, with the same style circles... I suppose that was the idea of fibroptic about it, becuase he knew it was a quilt square tile, just to mix with the site. And this idea is very good I think, original as minimum.