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This tile is from Mainquilters 22: Medievalness

Comment: ode to uncle (accidental transformation)
Checked out at: June 27, 2003
Checked in at: June 27, 2003
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Good tile...
... but a bit dark... I have set the brightness of my monitor to the maxium, and even this way, it looks dark... so I saved the tile in my computer and used photoshop to set a higher brightness to it... and then I found a great photoshop face morphing. I know it is a very hard work, and even if it gives nothing interesting to your neighbours, have not very big coherence (floating faces are not very common to see, maybe not very related with medievalness), and the blending is rough, I think this is a 5. So, I voted 5. The problem is that I'm sure that not everybody is going to vote a 5 as me because of the darkness... it could not be easyly seen...

A question, how did you painted that hairs? These are very good done.
Re: Good tile...
i did the background first. got the morph idea. i sketched it, scanned it, variation to get the mauve color, then used the erase tool on the image layer over the background to make the hairs become part of the image behind. i hope this aswered the question right i think i might have been to wordy here.