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Thanks for the comments Spyder. You were the first one :)

I enjoy your tiles too. I've seen them from the beginning and they're getting better and better as you make more. I can't wait to see what you've done with the mainquilt.
he spydo
thanks for the coin you just gave me. and thanks for commenting all the time. i have gotten a bit lazy about this recently, he he. you seem to have some good attitude about this. and fine tiles too - becoming better with each new one -
little nudge from uncle fidge. me thinks you sometimes overdo it a little with the smudge and smear tool. resist its temptation, i believe your tiles will look somewhat cleaner and more determined without it (well this is just a personal opinion anyway, do whatever is fun to you)
byebye and keep your tiling rate as high as it is.
Re: he spydo
It's me again. I didn't realize it, but you gave me a coin also. Did you do that recently? Thank you so much. I'm really glad that you're a person who actually comments and votes. We need more people like you.
I hope you don't mind, that like fidgit i make a suggestion too. I hope you don't think I'm being mean, I just have an idea that would make your tiles look better. On some of your tiles you use the clone brush to make the grass/wheat/dirt, which I actually do too so that the sides match. But then I go in with a brush/colors and change it and make it all look different. Some of your grass/wheat/dirt looks very constant. Try varying it a little to make your tile look more interesting and personal.
Keep up the great ideas. I like your reflective sword, nice touch.
Re: Re: he spydo
Dari, how the heck are ya. thank you for the advice it also was well recieved, i am do what i can to improve, and love to get advice on improving take a glance over what I wrote Uncle fidge it applys to you also but I wanted to thank you personally.
thank you,
fidge's nephew spydo
Re: Re: Re: he spydo
sorry about the typo it's 3 a.m. "I am doing what i can to improve". is what it should be.
Re: he spydo
Uncle Fidge, I absolutely love good wholesome critisism (how else will an artist grow), your advice is well taken (and well deserved). I have been at this about i think two weeks and working out alot of kinks,(like trying to make seamless tiles by smudging and cloning). I will do better. I hope you enjoy "vigilant tears" i was doing it with yours and dari's advice, its a little morbid but i couldn't stop the flow can't wait for it to pop up.

resisting temptation,
nephew spydo