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This tile is from Newbies 25: The Hitchhikers Guide to Tiling

Comment: Painful memories of a fallen angel.
Checked out at: June 16, 2003
Checked in at: June 17, 2003
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fallen angel
incredibly nice merge. WOW!
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fallen angel
p.s. nice title also
I really, really love _your_ tile! I'm glad that mine merged well with it. I need to learn to put more stuff to the edges - like you do, however, to make for more interesting edges for other people.
about your tile
Hi jimsoul. Your tile is very very good, I like it a lot. But just one little question for the next, if you take a zoomed look at the left vertical 1 pixel border of your tile, you can see that it is with a higher brightess and/or contrast. This make a hell to continue it blending it correctly... So, for the next tile, try to correct the borders. Sometimes these brightness changes happen when you are working at a high resolution and when you finish, you resize to the needed size. The solution to this is just to crop you tile without borders before resize, resize to 128x128 and then add again the borders.
Well, I hope to see new tiles from you soon xD
Re: about your tile
I might have a fiddle with the gamma on my monitor - i work on these tiles at their original res, so it shouldnt be a resize problem =] I can't see the difference on this end but i'll trust that it's there hehe.

*kicks crappy old monitor*
Re: Re: about your tile
it's a single bright row of pixels at the extreme right edge. not noticeable on your tile by itself really but the neighbor spots it as soon as they try to blend. this used to be something i too unkowingly did...then Primal suggested to me; that on "unused edgeds only" i paint past the edge by several pixels. this eliminated the problem entirely... so now when i set up my marquee layer i automatically crop several pixels away from the unused edges. ;o)
i) Thankyou very much for the advice on the edging of the tiles, i'll be sure to make sure i provide a smooth and sexy blend in future =]

and ii) thankyou for the coins! normally most of the artwork that i make is totally ignored, i appreciate the generosity quite a bit! =]

Re: *blushes*
oops... sorry if you've felt ignored ;o)
your work has not been unappreciated though...
i've voted 5 on almost every one of your tiles , four on the others. i like your tiles and i think you're doing a fine job. i look forward to seeing more of your sexy tiling and blending :o))
Re: Re: *blushes*
oh no no no no no no, not on here! when i'm not tiling, my art is utter crap - and i have no idea why! hehe.

trust me, the other stuff i do just flat out isnt worth the attention =P