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This tile is from Mainquilters 19: The Warm, Magnificent Light

Comment: Searing Pyramids in Desert Storm :P
Checked out at: January 10, 2003
Checked in at: January 11, 2003
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I like the bright lighting on this tile. Just wondering.
Nice lighting
effect but the tile seems to bew lacking something....
Just IMHO, still a good tile.
Yep, good looking, but a little bit bare ....*think around the wall and up and down* ... *snap with his fingers* hey, a gecko on the wall would kick Ass. ;)
Re: .
I figured it would be a bit lacking. :) I couldn't for the life of me find something to add though, since I pictured it as an eagle-eye view of Egyptian Pyramids. The score I have is appropriate, even a little generous. :P
i think...
it's a very good transiton tile, i voted 5. it's well done and it made for interesting borders. unfortunately the transition tiles don't get the respect they should, even though they help a quilt out when done well. :o)