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This tile is from Mainquilters 19: The Warm, Magnificent Light

Comment: Winds Of Change!
Checked out at: January 11, 2003
Checked in at: January 12, 2003
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Winds Of Change!
Ok, Hope you like this one, cause I realy tried.

Let me tell you a story;
I have a multitude of pictures inside of this tile. If you follow the scene from top to bottom you might see a storm blowing the clouds and leafs from the top left and right. There might be lightning comming from the clouds striking a tree adn a lighthouse suronded by water. The west wind should be blowing the h@ll out of the guy that just got shocked by lightning.

Or you might just see a blur like I do since ive worked on this one for some time, lol.

Hope you enjoy it cause I did.



Hehe, the tree fits perfekt :D ;) Well, its a beachchair and a dune .. but hehe, ;)

well, its a imho good 4-tiler ... not perfect, but funny combined. :)

5, cause its a 4-tiler and another good improvement. :)
Thank you D
I always look forward to your comments and enjoy working your borders.

You would not bleave what Ive learned from you and from taking close up looks at your tiles.

Thanks D!
You did it again!!
Like I said...every tile gets better&better---IMHO a 5 all the way! ;-))
BTW..thanx for the live tutorial! You have once again amazed me!
Good Christian
Re: You did it again!!
Wow yea amazing, all I can handle at the moment is a 2 tiler ^^
Little smudgy around the clouds but really good.
Re: Re: You did it again!!
Thank you.

Yea, I tried to make the clouds look like sirrus stratous and just fade into the air. I dont think I had enough room to do that effect right, or I just need to learn a good way to make them look real. Maby a ripple style distortion when I design them would work¿

What ya think?
Good Christian
Re: Re: Re: You did it again!!
Well I'm not really good in clouds either that's why I usually make them look really faint, like on a sunny day. Mayby try painting with lower opacity, that's what I do to make thing really smooth (ow yea I like smooth, rrrr :)
I usually start with hard edged brushes at full opacity and then put in values with brushes at 10% opacity. I use the smudge tool not to define shapes but rather to blend values inside a shape. (am i making sense, dunno :p)
Good Christian
Re: Re: Re: Re: You did it again!!
and ow yea a cool tip for you.

you said
"Or you might just see a blur like I do since ive worked on this one for some time, lol."

When you flip your canvas horizontally or vertically you'll see your tile in an entire different way, like you were looking at someone elses tile and you can spot mistakes easier.