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This tile is from Merry AntiChristmas

Comment: Rudolph the old bald headed, bloodshot, slobbering, snot nosed reindeer
Checked out at: January 02, 2003
Checked in at: January 03, 2003
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looks like the dog of the simpson :D (dont know the english-name, only the german ;)
Re: hehe
maybe this evil animal, will eat the white mouse :D (the dog´s name is santa´s helper)
Good Christian
hey raganaga I just looked at your first tile with the ripple filter, and I must say you've improved like a million times over the course of one year ^^
And now you seem to be the tiler everyone looks up to :)

Great job on this one, a very sick skinny reindeer haha.
thanks for the kind words ;o))
hmmm, well when i started tiling i was pretty much just trying to please myself and i was fascinated with what filters could do in just one second. it was pointed out to me that this wasn't really all that creative, and after i thought about it i agreed wholeheartedly. so i looked at the tiles by some of the more talented artists here, like some of my faves gecky, root, greg, primal, jito, feathre... and i tried to learn [and still try to] from what they were doing correctly that i wasn't doing.

so... thankyou, i'd like to think i have improved... but eeeek! i don't think i'm worthy of everyone [or even anyone] looking up to me. [one of the big reasons i love this site is that we're all equals here.] i still look up to and try to learn from my old faves [and a bunch of new faves too], and still consider myself a newbie here... i just have more free time than most haha, so on average i get to do more tiles than most.