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This tile is from Newbies 18: Our Improved Flavor Might Surprise You!

Comment: "Why you cheating nymph!"
By: Mantic
Checked out at: November 15, 2002
Checked in at: November 16, 2002
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5 points!
Re: Great!
This one worth a coin ;) But I've no one left :(
Re: Re: Great!
in deed but i am out of coins too:) ++++5 lol :)
Re: Re: Re: Great!
And I don't have time to make 5 others tiles :(
C'mon somebody... a coin ;)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Great!
Well whadda ya know, I have a few coins! I suppose I could spread the wealth! ;-)
should be 5... you got hosed
this is easily a 5+ imo, especially on a newbie quilt where the scoring is supposed to be more lenient.

plus it's a naked redhead, what's not to like?! ;o)
Re: should be 5... you got hosed
Heh, thanks all :) The tile isn't perfect anyway, and was pretty quick.

If you like buxom redheads in this kinda style I recommend hunting down some of Frank Thorne's comic books. I was pretty much thinking of a Thorne comic when I devised this tile. Aside from the more famous work in mainstream titles like Red Sonja he did a good share of naughty comix for publishers like Warren; yet another guy who contributed to the warping of my mind.
Great Tile
Great tile, love your style... Especially working with my image, great theme. Sorry for not posting sooner.