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This tile is from Spreequilt #6 - The wicked mines of multiple creators

Comment: Dragon fun part 2...
Checked out at: November 12, 2002
Checked in at: November 12, 2002
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If someone know in which city we can find this stupid craftman-shop-whale I give him a coin ;) Not an easy one I know... héhé!!!
A wild guess: Limoges ?
Re: Hmm...
Wrong continent ...
Re: Re: Hmm...
Well I'm out of guesses then.
Re: Re: Re: Hmm...
A big hint: you know Gaspésie ???
Limoges is a nice place... one of my friend lived there and show my picture of the city... wow!!! Lots of 12th century buildings and no pub anywhere ;)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Hmm...
That's Canadian, right? In Quebec? That's as much as I know.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hmm...
Ok that's enough ;)
You win the contest! You're right with Québec... for the city... I don't think anybody here can answer for that one ;)

Check at your warchest ;)
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Hmm...
Kick ass!

i don't care about the coin so much... but i looked at a lot of pictures and maps trying yo narrow it down a lot closer than just Quebec. [there are hundreds of little towns on the map around Gaspesie which i spent hooouuurrrss searching through].

i'm a bit ocd,
and once you presented us the puzzle i was on the case like a rabid pitbull :o)

so if the contest is over that's cool, but...
please you gotta at least tell us which city it was and the place of business where the sign hangs!!! i need closure, please help ;o)
Sorry Tony,
I don't know you where on the contest too...

The answer is Matane, most exactly Matane-Sur-Mer and I have a picture for you... http://baleines.etc.free.fr/photos/stlaurent6.jpg héhé

Each time we went to see my grand mother we pass by this place and my parents never wanted to stop... One time we stop a I bought a splendid seashell, now I understand why my parent always told me that was a tourist trap: the seashell is from Philipines. Anyway... One day I will sell Taiwan souvenirs made in Gaspésie ;)) Sorry for the english...

ahh relief 8^)
thanks Jean-Sol i really needed that picture...... believe it or not Matane was the first city i looked through, then worked my way around the peninsula. at least i saw a lot of beatiful sights along the way.

whew, now i can go to bed on time tonight hahaha.

btw, your english is fine no prob. ;o)
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now where's part three?