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This tile is from Spreequilt #6 - The wicked mines of multiple creators

Comment: Remember worms?
By: enzi
Checked out at: November 19, 2002
Checked in at: November 19, 2002
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Didn't get...
what that pink thing was until I read the caption. Not enough detail.

You could have left it out (like a story unfinished) for someone to complete the next tile over. It would have been fun to see what weapon they would have come up with, hmm?
Re: Didn't get...
Yeah, it couldn't be any bigger cos it would've loooked badly proportioned, I like your idea of leaving it unfinished though, I considered something like that but I really wanted to draw a worm!
A donkey! A donkey! My kingdom for a donkey!.. (c)
I wanted to do almost exactly the same thing...
Remember Lode Runner ;))
Re: Funny...
Hehe, how good would a platform games quilt be?
Re: Re: Funny...
That a suggestion ;)
Don't know who manage those spreequilts ?
Re: Re: Re: Funny...
Well, it's been mostly me managing the spreequilts. Tho, such a quilt doesn't neccessary have to be a spreequilt. The point with spreequilts is really that it's suppose to go fast. Somehow, I did this one way to large. They're supposed to take like, a few days tops. And the first spreequilts where actually more social, you know, we all sat and chatted on IRC while drawing, and we were all drawing... Something like that... Next spreequilt might be a month or two, depends on next time we're on IRC and a lot of people seems to want to do one, spreestyle...

Additionally, it probably won't be this kind of 2d-style. You know, doing two of those in a row would be pretty boring...
Re: Re: Re: Re: Funny...
I don't thinks it's the spree part that appeals. It's probably
1) the ability to see the surrounding tiles
2) the (not to difficult) invite only aspect (perhaps the criteria for getting invited could be more interesting - a test of how much you actually want to do a tile in the quilt) and
3) the way side scrolling type scenes work so well with a quilt (especially tunnels, levels, rooms in natural materials like rock, grass, sand, water, etc.) It allows a lot of attention to detail, possibly making the quilt more interesting and telling a more focused, easy to follow story as apposed to a more abstract quilt, where the meaning could go any which way.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Funny...
Okay. Well, the spreepart is really not part of the disorganized collaboration which it's called. Any quilt can be of this style, instead of the surreal.