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Comment: Birth is always beautiful!
Checked out at: September 30, 2002
Checked in at: September 30, 2002
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pretty colors
the chick looks cool/spooky
5+ ;o)
Re: pretty colors
Agree!! it looks like a less soul carcas of a woman spoooooky indeed very nice work +5
Thanx for comments... by the way, both my tiles on this quilt have the same number of votes and the same score 4.6250! I'm stable :) )
Thnax for...
...coin, Eddie!!!!!!!!
Re: Thnax for...
You damned well deserve it Damien!
Actually, I'm back on the tile circuit just to earn some more
of those gold coins to lay on the fine artists out here. This
month is a year for me on this website and I've had a bunch of
fun here too!
You do beautiful work Damien, keep going on toward excellence.
Re: Re: Thnax for...
I'm working hardly :) )
And next month will be my year on quilts : )