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Comment: Aight.. mmm... :)
By: ize
Checked out at: March 18, 2001
Checked in at: March 19, 2001
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it would look better if you blended the down side of the tile better. the top is okay, could use some detailing though.
Re: tip
I meant the blurred yellowish areas.
Re: Re: tip
hey man I really do appreciate all kind of tips/ideas... im realativley new to this hi-rez medium!.. but you mean the "background" ? the yellowish blur are supposed to be sillouettes of 4 guys standing eh doing something.. ? :)
I think it would have worked better
if you had continued the weave texture through the tile, not just at the very bottom.
Re: I think it would have worked better
Yeah, probably... But it´s alot harder to blend the yellowish 'blur' with weave texture.. but then again that would have been a fun challange! I'm still learning! =)