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Comment: I've Got My Eye On You!
By: C
Checked out at: March 17, 2001
Checked in at: March 17, 2001
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Plze read the 'READ THIS' part on the site
Isn't this just a little (a lot) too much smearing and blurring? It looks to me that you just smeared all edges, painted an eye and blurred the whole. That is precisely what isn't ment to happen on a quilt.
Re: Plze read the 'READ THIS' part on the site
it was one of my first attempts at doing this. I only had a few tools to work with in my paint program.... sorry.
haaa haaa
only -0.5?
let me guess... only because people smear their tiles into the allstars quilt, they can't get any worse marks than -0.5. most of my tiles were definitely not worse than this one and some egocentric a******* vote -5 on all my tiles, even if they're well blended
Re: haaa haaa
its his first try so give him some slack. in your case you put out 5times as much sucky tiles. you can't compare this one to your tiles.
btw I didn't voted -5 on all your tiles. I am not that childish and I am to frigging lazy.
Re: Re: haaa haaa
LOL GRRR, I just had to laugh at the lazy comment. He tried and is his program doesn't doen't have as many tools as some, well like you said, give him some slack. His entire had a "smeared" look so overall the effect on the whole quilt isn't that bad.