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Checked out at: March 19, 2001
Checked in at: March 20, 2001
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Using a photo of Elizabeth Hurley seems kinda cheesy, honestly... the whole thing seems centered in the middle of the tile, too, which is something I try to avoid. Also, you didn't seem to blend the upper right hand color very well... on your tile, it's red and on the the right hand tile, it's yellow. At the bottom, it looks like you took some cuts and just tiled them up the tile as a background.

Make sure you read the post on the front page entitled "PLEASE READ", I found it quite helpful. =)
Ditto, Please READ The tips on main page.
It really is helpful in it's hints on making your tiles work. Your meld was a bit hard to work with but I think with a bit more effort, it would have been better.