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This tile is from We Are All Being Photomanipulated Again!

Comment: Photo by deathangel - [email protected]
Checked out at: July 16, 2002
Checked in at: July 16, 2002
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I like it.
...but I think I know why this got a low vote. - the blending method was just mirroring the edges and smearing that over onto your tile (with a few other methods used too -obviously). People like continuity in these collaborative peices, so next time try to incorporate what you have on your edges into your image. it will make the quilt look better and your tile won't look as isolated.
Re: I like it.
Re: Re: I like it.
and big eyeball tiles are really overdone. (Yes, I am guilty too)
Re: Re: Re: I like it.
haha me too! my first manip tile was an eyeball =D
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now that some stuff's filled in, this looks awesome!