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This tile is from We Are All Being Photomanipulated Again!

Comment: Photo by datazoid http://data-zoid.deviantart.com
By: fraxyl
Checked out at: July 07, 2002
Checked in at: July 07, 2002
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I like the industrial look, my only suggestion is that if would of been cool to fill in the off grey color with some background texture or images.

Re: Industry
Thanks for the tip, I didn't really think of that. It was my first photo tile so I didn't really know what to do, it was hard enough just trying to get it to blend. :\

Also, the link in the desc is wrong, it should be datazoid on devART
Re: Industry
Hehe.. the original idea of the photo manip quilt was to find a photo that matched the borders close enough to have to do the least amount of changes possible to the photo.. now people practically draw half of their photos on the quilt. Oh well... I'm not complaining.