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This tile is from Mainquilters 13: The Night Slothy Went Crazy

Comment: smells like fish
Checked out at: June 27, 2002
Checked in at: June 27, 2002
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four 5's and a 0

somebody doesn't like me

gee i wonder who it could be

guess i shoulda drawn little bitty polka dots on a dark tile ;p
oops i miscalculated...
that was four 5's + one -5 = 3

my math ain't the goodest ;o}
Mystety user
can't resist
yer right, tony
something smells fishy
Re: can't resist
can't slothy check this kind of stuff up? or isn't the voting logged?
great tile. gave it a five.
Re: Re: can't resist
What is there to check up on? We can't start saying that someone doesn't have the right to vote -5 on certain tiles. If we do that, the votes are meaningless and nothing more than organized back-patting. I only investigate if there is reason to believe that someone is voting more than once on a tile. The score they give is their own decision.

Re: Re: Re: can't resist
i agree with you Jon, everyone has the right to vote as they want to... i just thought it was funny ;o]
Re: Re: Re: Re: can't resist
ok.. that's true, but i just think it's sad that some people obviously havn't understand the way the votes work .., or they have, but abuse it .. but hey, i aint doing this for the scores.. i'm tiling because it's a fun way of collaborating, alltough it's nice to get a five now and then ..
enough for this time. :>
nice blend, i like!