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Comment: A drawing from one of my childrens books I have written.
Checked out at: March 16, 2001
Checked in at: March 16, 2001
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Sorry about that ugly tile!
Best I can say is it melds well. It is actually a picture I drew to illustrate a childrens book I wrote and to be honest with you, when I did that one, I was on morphine pain killers for my foot. If I could of, I would have had it taken down. Waited to long to ask for it to be nuked. :-( I did try though!
Re: Sorry about that ugly tile!
Well Pixel, it could get interesting when you see what I did to your poor duckie there. It will add a little Brothers' Grimm sort of flair to your children's story. Heh, I just hope whoever blends the tile on the left of mine notices that there's another arm there...

- - - Jobi
Re: Re: Sorry about that ugly tile!-Jobi
You did GREAT! I really like what you did with you "little Brothers Grimm" sort of flair! Added a really nice finish to an otherwise UGLY tile. And thankfully, the person to your left kept it going!