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This tile is from We Are All Being Photomanipulated Again!

Comment: eden?
Checked out at: June 27, 2002
Checked in at: June 27, 2002
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i really dont think this is worth a 5. i just didnt wanna see it hold a low vote! my first photo manip tile too! don't peer to hard into that mooses ass baby. these are difficult to blend!
Re: .
I think is a nice tile and deserves a 5, not a 3 or whatever they voted. Mine got nailed 2. Owell. Keep up the photo tiles, good work!

I like it.
I think it's a nice tile. You did a good job blending the crappy top border I gave you. Sorry about that :( I was just pretty much continuing a grass patch from my bordering tiles.

looks cool tho especially the bottom part where the face fades into some blue liquidy stuff :)
Re: I like it.
well it was actually just a little tiny grassy patch from one corner