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This tile is from Mainquilters 12: Calliope of Complementary Colors

Comment: when all else fails. . .
By: greg
Checked out at: May 10, 2002
Checked in at: May 11, 2002
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Mystety user
I appreciate the high scores but basically all I did was blend the two borders to the best of my ability or near it, but then I had no ideas so drew some globby goo
not very creative I don't think
Re: well
Ah, just give yourself a 5 already! The blending is excellent.. and you get away with globby goo since the tiles around you are kind of gooish themselves :P Its really good.. and you might not think it looks really nice, but look at the whole quilt.. it flows in really well.
Mystety user
Re: Re: well
thanks, but we still have yet to see the rest. who knows what the globby goo will spawn downwards.
Re: Re: Re: well
Well, if its cool.. change your vote to a 5! You deserve it.. hehe
I give you a five because it is well blended and is a great filler tile, again adding value to this quilt. I tend to like the neat, and well blended tiles -vs- the ones that stand out, if the majority of the artist here would work towards blending instead of a message then the quilts would flow much better! You did a 5! job in achieving that! Keep it up!