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Comment: weird landscape*with head*
Checked out at: May 07, 2002
Checked in at: May 08, 2002
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the borders u had are sooo different then the one you made in the middle
i doesn't irritate my eyes
but it doesn't fit so well
what do you think objectively luis?

i am not saying "you see cubes and it inspirate you organics"
Re: blending inspiration....he he jito.
Ho inspiration can be so wierd, yeah i thougth in organic, weird me he he, yeah objetivetly thinking, (as much as posible) i dont bended the tile all that good specialy in the left tile the one up and down are more less OK, is the left one the one that is not exactly acurated , o well not one is perfect so... i learn form my erros i guess, :)