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Comment: Couldn't have had a worse start!
By: takkie
Checked out at: March 11, 2001
Checked in at: March 11, 2001
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Not a bad blend
Hard to make that one work and I think you did ok.
Re: Not a bad blend
I don't agree...mrbeefy did a better job of of smearing the dragon on the other side. Plus there's a fairly visable seam down the right side. And then throwing in a weave on the left...what were you thinking? I guess I don't care for it much, 'cause I had a hard time blending it on my tile.
Re: Re: Not a bad blend
What I tried to do was be creative and use the black shade of the dragon as an 'active' color in my tile. Bad thing was that I didn't know what to draw on the rest of my tile. Sorry 'bout that. Looking back on the quilt with my tile, it doesn't look so bad at all though, thanks to you (valacar) and mrbeefy.