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By: sgmax
Checked out at: March 16, 2001
Checked in at: March 16, 2001
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Well smeared...
Why does that guy get a good result with such an ugly smeared tile and I get -5 on quite well blended tiles?
Please explain that to me!
Re: Well smeared...
i forgot... he also put a pic in center of the tile. ain't that a bad idea...?
Re: Well smeared...
I thin someone is just creating accounts, and giving everyone he/she can a -5 rating. if you want to find out, see who has a good rating on almost all there tiles, with 1 or 2 ratings on most of them. I think I know the ppl that are doing this. I say forget the rating system, cause Its being abbused. I can no longer post any tiles cause someone gave all my tiles a -5, with no notes on why. Its a damn shane that ppl can not jsut make good quality tiles, and have to make this a game, or a race to the finish line.

Most of you ahve been posting some of the best tiels Ive seen. Keep up the good work.

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You are right about both things. He probably voted on himself. The center is pretty good, but he didn't even try on the edges.
Please try avoiding making these sorts of tiles. Try to incorporate the design of your neighbouring tiles and not just smearing it. It will make the quilt more prettier :)
I agree
I agree, I learned alot from tha last quilt. I also jsut smeared some of the color from the tiles next to and sround my tile. there are patters that span across 5-10 tiles, and I found that If I saw one emerging I would try to continue it, and jsut cahnge a portion of it. This adds to the final so much more that just another picture in teh center of a tile.
The artwork in this tile is good, but it has to common ground, its just another picture that adds little to the completed quilt.