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Comment: CtrAltDel Ver 1.0
Checked out at: March 12, 2001
Checked in at: March 12, 2001
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how much time did you spend on this one? blending is very minimal and the rest of the piece looks very cheap because of the standard filter effect. I know this sounds harsh but I am trying to give you advise on improving your tiles. You don't have to spend hours trying to get a nice tile but at least make it look like you took more than 5minutes to make it otherwise I don't see the point in checking in other tiles. Your score will be so low you can't continue on the next quilt. I hope your next one will be more of quality.

ps. I am trying to be as nice as possible, I hope I haven't offended you or anything.
GRRR I commend you on your tact when giving a fellow "quilter" some tips. I don't understand why some people have to be so harsh about this quilt. I mean, does anyone honestly want to sabotage this project?? No, I think everyone is trying their best. Sometimes the end result is good, sometimes bad. Its a learning experience.
Re: :/
bad thing is I did only spend 5 min on this one. I really do like your work GRRR, and thank yo for posting messages about how to improve. This tile was a mistake, jsut a demo to show someone how a tile is downloaded and posted back. and a quuicky on how to start to blend. It was never ment to be posted.


This is a bad tile, and Im sorry it was posted.
This is a bad tile, and Im sorry it was posted. I was showing someone about how this works, and I was goiong through the steps on showing her how to make a and post tiles. I did not mean for this tile to be posted. My appologiese for this one. If sloth fo any other admin member of Ice sees this, please remove this tile. It is really nothing but a demo to show some one.


Really sorry, this quilt looks really good so far, and this is killing it.
Re: This is a bad tile, and Im sorry it was posted.
Don't sweat over it man.. it's a learning experience. Although some may have been a little harsh on you, you learn from it right?

You know, personally I really liked the idea of having the "Draw Here" part of the image integrated into the final tile, not blatantly but having hints of it in the background, I thought that was actually rather interesting. The concept is great, IMO. :)

Keep working on it, you can only get better, right? :)