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This tile is from Newbies 7: Showing the Mainquilters How It Is Done

Comment: luckily i taped razorblades to my hands in anticipation of our first meeting.. :)
By: alec
Checked out at: January 22, 2002
Checked in at: January 23, 2002
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Love the caption! :))
And the tile is really great too. It's the story of the rivalry between Darth Vader and Hello Kitty, right? ;) You're really improving, keep up the great work.
Re: Love the caption! :))
thanks... i finally spent a bunch of time on a tile.... and i made a sketch toooo! (ooooh...ahhhhhhhhh) :)

hope your quilts looking good, i'm confined to the mainquilters

hehe its also the battle of art against authority.... sort of...
:) my first 5-er... yay

a little bit of perspective is always nice... we ought to have a quilt based more on that.. and have borders to make it happen... i guess thats the city quilt actually... :)
Mystety user
Re: yup
I like that idea...perspective...different grounds.....stuff real close and then little things far away....could add a new..perspective..
Re: Re: yup
we┬┤ve been tossing the idea to have an isometric-3d-quilt... maybe for a spree?
Re: Re: Re: yup
that would be pretty cool... lets dooo eeeettt!!!!!!
I like that you put the Devart mascot in the picture, while using the razorart circular razor.
Re: hello
thanks.... :)

someone finally noticed (or posted that they did... i got a hello kitty reference before... :) )

kindof an art vs school administration deathlords thing if you know what i mean.. :)