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This tile is from Mean Green Tiling Machine

Comment: Well, I've drawn tears in all 'dem other colors so why not green too?
Checked out at: January 26, 2002
Checked in at: January 26, 2002
Checkout tile:


caramba !!
sux ...
(i made worst one ok but...)
this tile vampirise all others
because of his color.
I think the tile's okay
Sure it's a little stark compared to the rest of the quilt, and draws your attention but I also find myself following the man's gaze to the other tiles across the quilt, so in a way it leads into the other tiles too. Don't know, maybe I just have my 'ead up my arse ;))
Re: I think the tile's okay
Re: Re: I think the tile's okay
If you will look at his check-out tile, he didn't have much of a choice but to use the colors from the borders he was given. Don't blame Primal for the colors.
Mystety user
Re: I think the tile's okay
I agree, this lighter section works nice, and , Primal...your tile is sweeet.
Re: Re: I think the tile's okay
i could see the problem with my tile above. it wasn't very green at all at first. i made it a litle bit greener and hope i made someone a litle bit more happy. but i think this tile just make it more intresting. i don't understand how someone can think that this tile because of it's lighter color ruin something. it's great. just make the whole picutre more intresting. it would have been a litle bit boring without this one i think. . 5
Re: Re: Re: I think the tile's okay
thanks cartoon =)

I actually liked you wave version (and the new version is even better). .. and I love you, you know that right?
Re: Re: Re: Re: I think the tile's okay
uhm. I wasn't at full speed while writing that =) ...

"I actually liked your wave tile ..." it was supposed to say...