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This tile is from Attack of the 50 Foot Mainquilter!

Comment: I don't want to disappoint you.
Checked out at: October 16, 2001
Checked in at: October 16, 2001
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good vs bad.
the rodent looks really neat and all but those spiders and people and the landscape looks... very cheap... The rodent is, if it blends well (I can't really see right now) a real 5'er, but the other components of the picture make it look kind of cheap.. Ah. I'll wait with the vote until the top tile get visible but this are just my 5 korvöre...
Re: good vs bad.
You see I was keeping with the style to the left of my tile.
It is supposed to be cheap.
Besides it blends well.
Re: Cheap vs. the Ritz, er, Rats
It's a fine tile with something for everyone! The rich, the poor, the simple and the complex, from Rat to Ant and all of the rolling hills between. Why was I waiting for a piece of that rope that you've been practicing on? What've I gotta do, pull a few strings? Kenneth, you know the ropes here and you've gotta know that this tile is as good as any, that ever you've done. Keep pluggin' in here and don't worry about going and getting some old dumb job or nuthin' like that. Check out a tile and paint your cares away!
Oh, and fond wishes for you too Oskar, hanging above this thread, it's nice to see you out policing the halls as it were...
To each, blessings and glad tidings...
Eddie M.
Re: Re: Cheap vs. the Ritz, er, Rats
Just you wait Eddie, my rope tile hasn't gotten all its neighbors yet. :P

Re: Re: good vs bad.
you convinced me. it's a 5.