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This tile is from Mainquilters 28: Bite Me, Giger!

Comment: BigByte
Checked out at: December 14, 2003
Checked in at: December 14, 2003
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Werd, yo.
While it doesn't make me think Giger, it's still a cool tile. :) Great blending and funky teeth.
Re: Word, yo.
Gee, nobody ever told me who Giger was!
Or I must have forgotten him somewhere between Mike Tyson and Laurena Bobbitt.
Thanks for commenting and I appreciate the scoring on this trite effort.

Is there a real Giger and am I out of touch on that issue?
Please let me know before I screw up another quilt!
Re: Re: Word, yo.
Fool! Giger is Giger. If thou desire the knowledge, Google hath the answer. May your questions be answered in mere milliseconds in the future.
Re: Re: Re: Word, yo.
Thanks for the sound advice! I found him on the internet
just as you said that I would. My grandson just got a skull
from Metallica this Christmas that sorta resembles Giger's style.
The other familiar aspect of Giger brings to mind the Predator
as seen in that Schwartzenneger movie years ago.
Knowing you, is like going to college!
Thanks again kiddo.........
Re: Re: Re: Re: Word, yo.
Actually, his concept art was used for the Alien movies, and Predator is set in the same universe.
Re: Re: Word, yo.
Yeah, there was even a quilt tribute to him. http://tiles.ice.org/index_surreal.php?quilt_id=59 Don't worry about screwing up any mainquilt, though; they don't really matter. This isn't a tribute quilt itself, and you followed the "bio and/or mechanical, with biting" guidelines just fine.
Re: Werd, yo.
He-he.... None of the tiles from this quilt reminds me Giger... :) )So I Vote 5! : ))