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This tile is from Newbies 27: Return To Tiling Test Quilt

Comment: Transformation
By: ezo
Checked out at: August 29, 2003
Checked in at: August 29, 2003
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Why -1?
I'm curious why someone gave this tile a -1. I really don't think that's the rating it deserves. Last night, I got a negative vote on almost all of my tiles, where I'd never recieved a negative vote before. Is someone mad at me or something? I don't understand.
Re: Why -1?
I think there are a couple of assholes hanging around the site lately. They don't seem to realize what exactly what the newbie quilts are for and how to vote and comment accordingly. Don't sweat the crappy votes, just do your best, improve where you can and have FUN! :-)
Re: Re: Why -1?
Perhaps I am wrong, but the newbie quilts are there to make sure anyone can try tiles and be able to get good at it if they want(ie practice blending etc.)It also weeds out people who are not so good. I think that if everyone would just be nice, we would have a whole lot of newbies whose scores are too high for the newbie quilts, but really not good enough for the main quilts and invite only quilts, therefore it is fair to have slow progression and the reason we have negative scores, but especially on the newbie quilts it is important to give constructive critique with a low score even at the expense of coming across as an asshole, so....

Personally I give this tile a 1 it does not exactly detract from the overall quilt but adds little, you use flat colors with little shading which makes the tile dull, further you use a straight-forward gradient which looks cheesy 99% of the time, stick an abstract face in the lower third of the tile and didn't even draw the neck or bled the thing off to give the neighbor below anything interesting to work with.

Sorry if it sounds harsh,if you love tiling, but you are not a great artist, or just need some more time to practice, continue to have fun with the newbie quilts, just don't sweat the scores.