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This tile is from Newbies 27: Return To Tiling Test Quilt

Checked out at: August 28, 2003
Checked in at: August 29, 2003
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what the crap
What the hell is wrong with some people? This tile most definitely does NOT deserve a negative score. So it's not fantastic, and the blending's not PERFECT, but it's a decent attempt to get better, but some of you want to be pricks and vote -5's. This tile does NOT harm the quilt; it doesn't destroy continuity and therefore does not warrant a negative score.
ya know...
That was the first positive comment i've had today-And ok is basically what I go for-Yah i know,most of mine are complete crap,but I can at least do something ok-some people are just so insensitive-they don't even need to leave a rude comment for me to know people don't like it.To tell you the truth,I don't like it either-but its the best I can do.I was honestly expecting negatives for all of my tiles-No surprises there.
Re: ya know...
negative scores are supposed to be reserved for tiles that hurt a quilt. i don't think any of your tiles have hurt the newbie quilts. newbie quilts supposed to be the place to make mistakes learn about tiling, and the scoring should be lenient.
anyway, just try hard, have fun and you'll get better if you keep at it. ;o)