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This tile is from Newbies 21: Trying to Rope a Rutabaga

Checked out at: January 07, 2003
Checked in at: January 07, 2003
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Thats a tough tile!!
Damn those are hard borders to work with. You pulled it off I think. Nice work!!
Uh, I'd disagree. Mrs just mirrored each border into the tile, smudged them around into a whirlpool, and added a couple of shapes on top. It seems to be a very common method of "blending" in this quilt :|

It's a lot more satisfying to the bordering-tile-maker, and to the viewers, when tiles continue shapes from their borders in the same direction and texture as they appeared in the borders. Blurriness, and especially smudging (and filters), are not recommended unless they truly help your tile look good.
Re: ?
Yeah...I got the same advice on a few of my tiles, however, the borders were pretty tough...but I have to agree with black Terror...just mirror and smudge with some other filters does not a tile make...or something like that...here's a couple ideas-take or leave-they're just ideas....I see the figure of a witch in the middle...purpously or not, but maybe you could have made a boiling culdren (don't know if I spelled that right??) using the flame-looking stuff on the right side...I could go on and on with my ideas...(funny how that works, you get your blank tile and your mind matches...but see someone else's work and a million ideas pop into your head) Anyways-keep working on your skillzzz and pretty soon you'll blow eceryone out of the water!! :-))