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This tile is from Newbies 21: Trying to Rope a Rutabaga

Comment: I wanna play wif de airpwane!
Checked out at: January 06, 2003
Checked in at: January 06, 2003
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HAHAHA That looks too funny.
da pwane da pwane!
Rock out man! I was wondering what was to become of that border! Cool idea! What's up with the right side?? Was it you or your neighbor? Helpful advice-when you cut out the middle of the tile, make sure the square that you delete is exactly 128pix x 128pix...if it was your neighbor...let him/her know too..that way you avoid those funky lines that you can't get rid of...NICE BLEND! :-))
Re: da pwane da pwane!
Hate to say it....but it was my neighbor. He didnt cut his tile small just left some out of place pixels in it. I tried my best to work with them...should have made the black pixels part of a wheel....hehe
Yup Guess That Was My Fault, Sorry Bleeder :)
Re: Ooops..
I wouldnt worry about it....I aint that anal about my tiles. ;)