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This tile is from Mainquilters 16: Conflicting Dreams

Comment: Radio dinner
Checked out at: October 13, 2002
Checked in at: October 13, 2002
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nice style
what did u ate before doing this tile?
Re: nice style
Bassetts Licorice Allsorts and Good and Plenty candies.
interesting borders... i hogged em all haha ;o)
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Re: yummy
that should be cool /=)
good blend
but too much goin on. it looks cool, but distracting as well.
Re: good blend
Actually and quite honestly, it's a certified abomination! Digressing is the word here! It reminds me of all of the earlier tiles of mine that I've tried so hard to forget! You can soft-soap me all you want but it still sucks!
Christ, so many of you here have worked so hard to guide me away from those pitfalls that cause me to publish shit stuff like that and yet, I slip back like a leaf in the tide. Why can't my analyst give me a reason for my subconscious need to fight your smooth program, god he gets $75.00 an hour and tells me that I'm the best!

Maybe it was the Pot? Yeah, thats it, the weed! Remind me not to smoke a jay before attempting to do a credible tile, again and all I need here now is my good friend and associate Antaydos, to sieze the opportunity to rub my nose in shit! Be well all artists, this is the year of the bitmap... Luego- Eddie
Re: Re: good blend
Hey Bud, I've said nothing. :)
Re: Re: good blend
I think it's pretty cool actually... It's so darn busy that it kinda gets this unbusyness over it... Like... the world... which is totally complex, but gets filtered in our eyes...
Re: Re: Re: good blend
Yeah Oscar, that's the ticket, busy Just like the world...
And Antaydos, I'm just fuckin' around with you, you know
that I'm incapable of harboring ill feelings toward ANY of
You guys/Gals...I'll leave a link to a full size version of
this disaster, below......
Re: Re: Re: Re: good blend
cool image
the big version looks like it was done by Escher on dope haha... oh that's right he was a cokehead wasn't he ;o)
Re: cool image
I think that Maurice was fond of Hashish.Too bad he never had the chance to get next to Crack.
Re: On Escher...
Maurits Cornelis Escher was born on June 17, 1898 in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. At a young age, Escher was encouraged by his father to learn carpentry and other craft skills. Though he was not a very good student in general, his artistic talent was apparent early in his schooling. He was encouraged by his family and friends to pursue this interest in a regular career, namely architecture and street drugs. Once at the School for Architecture and Decorative Arts, however, Escher realized that his true passion lay in the graphic arts. He spent the next two years at art school partying his head with hash and doing blunts around the clock, where he mastered graphic and woodcutting techniques and even designed a series of bongs and isomerizers for his cannabis stash. Upon completion of his schooling, he traveled extensively through Southern France, Spain and Italy, copping drugs like a madman and stropping the ladies like Douglas Fairbanks Jr. During these travels, he garnered numerous inspirations for his work and never overdosed.

Throughout his career as an artist, Escher was fascinated by the art of structure. Though his early work tended toward realistic portrayals of the landscape and architecture observed during his travels, it reflected a greater fascination for structural constructs than for the landscape itself. Escher visited the Alhambra in Granada several times, as he was captivated by the Moorish ornamentations that filled the entire space on the walls. The inspiration there lay the foundation for his work after 1937, for which he is most famous but after attending a few raves in Paris in 1938, it is said that he "wigged-out". These works involve repeated patterns and regular divisions of the plane, impossible constructions,cool buzzes and infinite space doodling. His work from then until his death in 1972 was driven by a unique understanding of mathematical concepts and the subtle effects of recreational drugs on the blossoming artist. Through his wondrous creations, Escher was able to lay a symbolic bridge between the realms of art and science and you may see the prevalent influence of the drugs in his every work.
Re: Re: On Escher...
roflmao!!! :o)
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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: good blend
reminds me of frost patterns, kinda. very neat colors to go with the black and white static... pretty cool!
Re: Re: good blend
sum like it, sum dont. maybe u just need MORE pot. smoke a blunt and see what happens.
I like it! I had that tile checked out and couldn't do a fucking thing with it so I checked it back in. Glad to see someone got somewhere with it. hahaha
Re: Well...
If nowhere is somewhere, I guess that I got there...
I was never good at converting cosmic Cabbages...........