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This tile is from Mainquilters 16: Conflicting Dreams

Comment: Fantastic Plastic
Checked out at: October 08, 2002
Checked in at: October 09, 2002
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Now THIS is what I'm talkin about! I love it! I'd have liked to see more texture on the tree, but I guess it's fine. Good job. :)
Re: groovage
Thanks! :-)

Actually I tried putting some texture on the tree, a little bark & moss, but it came out pretty muddy. But... I have a Wacom Graphire2 on the way! I can't wait to try it out on a few tiles & see what happens. I can't get the detail I want from the mouse.
yeah, groovish©
atsa nice ;o)
Re: yeah, groovish©
Geeze! Another © phrase?

Thanks! :-)
that's so nice!!!
Re: wooooooooooo
Thanks! :-) I might get the hang of this tiling thing some day...
Re: Re: wooooooooooo
looks like ur catchin on pretty fast to me. ;)
Re: Re: Re: wooooooooooo
Well, hopefully after tonight, it will get easier. I ordered a Wacom Graphire2 last week and got it today. Just hooked it up and I LOVE IT! No more mouse, no more sore wrist & crampy fingers! Happy happy joy joy ;-)
Pink Flamingo?
Nothing like the movie but credible as hell ! You're looking good here Christine!
But then, you have ALWAYS looked good on the quilts! Happy holidays and I hope that you get that Wacom tablet in your stocking!
Re: Pink Flamingo?
Hi Eddie! And thanks for the nice words :-)

I haven't seen you around much lately. Are you getting into trouble, or keeping out of it? :-P

Actually, I bought myself a Wacom back in October. It's definately my favorite toy so far! The first few tiles I made with it were pretty awful, but I think I'm getting the hang of it now, even though I'm still a bit heavy handed. It's quite the difference going from the mouse to pen. Now it's harder to hide the fact that I don't have a lick of talent for drawing!

Happy holidays!


BTW, what movie?