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This tile is from Alice in Wonderland

Comment: Card carrying Raven
Checked out at: July 09, 2002
Checked in at: July 09, 2002
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i've also made this kind of misstakes now and then, the thing is, it's not so good to try to ignore black, it would be the same thing to ignore a totaly blue edge .. if you understand what i mean.. i think this tile is great, but it would have been bether if you just would have flipped the image .. because the left side of the tile has the black space that would make it look more connected .. or how i should say .. i want to give the picture itself a clean five, but the blending, gets a zero, so i'm sorry, a 3 from me..
sorry for my bad english. :p

Re: ok.
As the quilt goes on, you will see that once the tile in the upper quadrant and
those below my tile appear, that black area that you are decrying will create that element of symmetry to make the fortress tower wall almost look like the Raven is peering out from behind it. I had but one edge to blend, a dark gray almost black edge with little lse save a small flower and a climbing vine! If you study the tile, you'll see that the dark area becomes more gradient at the bottom right corner where I brought the Green in along my bottom margin as well as the white of the deuce of hearts. Trust me Heinzon, when the rest of the surrounding tiles are in place, you'll begin to see things differently but for now, thanks for the feedback! What bothers me most at this point, is to notice that I omitted the second"2" on the card!!!
Best regards, Eddie
Re: Re: ok.

(Ed Martin)
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Reply Re: Thanks for the coin
Don't thank me, pat yourself on the back. I gave you a coin because I was impressed with your artwork. Isn't that what we came for? To have others tell us how really good we are? Sure it is. it's the reason why we stay here and create tiles at ice.org.....
I came here almost a year ago, cocky, belligerant and full of piss and vinegar. Once I had determined that I was the worlds best artist, I set my sights on creating quantities of work and decided not to get caught up in the quality factor. I'll always be beholdened to the hardnosed artists here who served to set me straight about art. Maybe I can do a few bitmaps but mostly I like to find a home in controversy, to step to a different drummer, to allow eccentricity to dominate my personality. Not by your request nor at your behest but best as I naturally am, ready for anything...
I've given away just about all of my coins at this point. Accumulating these novel but sterile coins is great but they still cannot buy credentials. What fun is having gold if you cannot give it away? I looked deeply at your artwork and I was impressed by your ability, that's why I gave you a coin. I could give a shit less for and about kissing your asses. God knows that I can't get along with Judy Schmidt but still I must laud her abilities in Photoshop. Some of you have taught me lessons in pixels but Gecky has given me lessons in everything from citizenship to smudge tools! I keep her on a list of emulatable yet adversarial members of the greatest bitmap jamboree here on the internet!
My all time favorite personality here is Greg. Greg is a great artistic panorama, a compendium of technique and approach. Greg has always been a rising star here and I can only attribute this to his love of the software and his keen sense of artistic quality. I could not call him the best here but he's a strong contender for the title. Others would be those whom I've given my coins to, a select bunch of real workers who have impressed me to the point that I had to reach out to them and repay the efforts that they've all made to incite each of us to work harder if we want to become better as artists as well as people.
How nice it was to find that you cared enough to return here and to acknowledge the gesture that I made, the pausing of my busy lfe, long enough to commend you for your accomplishments here. Let me be foremost among those who teach you that praise IS essential, a very necessary ingredient to those who reach for perfection. Finding this website was truly a blessing........ I'm Eddie and for tonight, I'm gone.........

Re: Re: Re: ok.
nice tile
wow i readed all your post
(with a dictionary)

ps: someone voted very very very low here...
he/she is welcome to post advices or so here