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This tile is from Mean Green Tiling Machine

Comment: Monochromatic Doodlin'
By: root88
Checked out at: January 21, 2002
Checked in at: January 21, 2002
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It was relaxing.
Half of a rose.
Half of a pipe.
Half of a buck.
Half of a bird.
Half of a city block.

I didn't want to get too spastic with the colors, so I only used the ones on the border I got. Looking at it in the quilt, I think the tile could use more contrast. It was really fun to draw though.
Blue Indigo
well yea, nice and I like the blurry look of it.. I realy do..
Shaun, I think that you've got it!!!
Yes, it's as soft as velvet, muted to a fine patina that bespeaks a great mastery over texturizing color. I think that if you wanted to create some abstract quality to this tile, that you have done that nicely although it wasn't necessary to name your objects! I even saw a chamelions head in it one minute and a pelicans head the next! You have come to a fine understanding of monochrome and we see it here. Perfect Shaun! I gave you a point for each finger on your mousing hand. L.I.E.
wow.... *drool*
giger quilt
is this for giger quilt? :P