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hi Two...
about your first two tiles. i personally love abstract art and i like your tiles. but when you create your tiles you cannot change the artwork in the borders you are given... when your tiles pop up on the quilt your neighbors edges will be restored to they way they were when you received them. the blends you created look fine, but your last step of creating a tile [or one of your last steps] should be to place the original borders you were given onto the top layer and check the blend. you'll see what i mean when your tiles pop up. hope this helped. peace and happy tiling ;o)

if you're not sure how to go about using the layers to ensure that you haven't inadvertently changed the neighboring artists work, try checking out this tutorial
Re: hi Two...
I agree, the actual tiles are fine and quite lovely, but the point here is to blend them into the surrounding tiles AND create something thats your own. don't get disheartened by the low scores and try again.
Not bad
I'm looking forward to your next tiles. I think the tiles you made were very nice. And I think you have the general idea that they need to blend, but bare in mind that you have to blend the tiles in to yours, not the other way around. Once you figure that out I think you'll not have any trouble making tiles that work.
Bad Habits.
Hey you guys, quit encouraging bad habits. Lay off the filters and rely on yourself for your art, not automated mathematical scripts.
Re: Bad Habits.
nice advice he he gecko :D