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This tile is from Mainquilters 32: Time

Comment: The insides are soo tasty
By: so0l
Checked out at: September 08, 2004
Checked in at: September 08, 2004
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thanks nathan
much appreciated!
Re: thanks nathan
You're welcome, great job on this tile. It reminds me of "The Maxx," and I don't know why :)
thanks for the coinage jito!
means a lot coming from a veteran such as yourself! thanks!!
Re: thanks for the coinage jito!
i writed
"your best tile"
not "your best tile arm"
i don't know what happend ...(confused)
Re: thanks for the coinage jito!
Hmm forgot to say ;
a little "tim burton" stylish.
I know it's stupid to compare ,
but our ancestors are
monkeys and parrots.
Re: Re: thanks for the coinage jito!
haha, i was wondering what the whole arm thing was about, i ignored it anyways so no harm, no foul :D

and im not seeing the resemblance to a parrot over here...monkey maybe...parrot, your gonna have to do some smooth talking to convince me of that one ;) ;)