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This tile is from Warm Fuzzy Mainquilters [Themed]

Comment: Peach Casino to the left, be sure that we will rip you off.
By: Straxz
Checked out at: November 13, 2001
Checked in at: November 14, 2001
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Stick it in the mango and keep it warm
Yes it's a cotton candy thing stacked into a mango.
It's the same style as the ant tile; different pictures that don’t belong to each other which make it look flat. I thought it was another Sudra comic thing so I painted a guy who was hovering and onlooker praying and so an Egyptian dog. The skirt look small because It looked like he had a hand in side her pocket.
etc... Straxz
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Re: Stick it in the mango and keep it warm
thanks for making my tile look cooler. : )

I really like the Egyptian dog and the praying boy...and all their little pillow feet :)