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This tile is from Warm Fuzzy Mainquilters [Themed]

Comment: Straight Flush (Tried a rough effect)
Checked out at: November 11, 2001
Checked in at: November 11, 2001
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Save the money, don't go to the show
hehe, sorry but it won't be a straight flush for long :) (I got the tile on the right)
I would never bet that fine ring, the hand must be an addict.
Aw... drat
It can't be THAT bad. 0.4?
Re: Aw... drat
It's not the worst tile, but people tend to either like a tile with a bit more shading or a lot of details.. although breathing room is good some places, more details and more realism seems to be the thing these days.
Re: Re: Aw... drat
Oh, and the tile below compliments it nicely, even if it doesn't look all that good alone, the blend below is pretty neat. :) Maybe the score will go up a bit when the tile below appears.
Re: Re: Re: Aw... drat
thanx for your comments. I'll stick to the realism next time. ^_^ the tile to the right compliments it too