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This tile is from Attack of the 50 Foot Mainquilter!

Comment: weird (last tile whee)
By: ferrex
Checked out at: November 08, 2001
Checked in at: November 08, 2001
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I got here, and there was one vote for -5. That's just cruel. Shame on whoever did that. I did the best I could to pump it up, man. Sorry that happened.
Re: Weird...
yeah.. this is a cool tile, it's worth something around 4 IMO...
Re: Re: Weird...
heh thanks

how comes my posts never come through hm ..
maybe cos i didnt write a title ..
ive voted 5 for myself ..equals it out
Re: Re: Re: Weird...
Hello Ferrex-
Your tile is a great tile which reflects well upon your talent. When I read of the travesty that has occured at the voting hand of someone who is obviously jealous of you, I also awarded you a five. I know that the reward for your efforts may not have been perfectly worthy of all of those points that I awarded to you, but I certainly feel that you've been gyped by whomever did this to you. I like the reflection that you made and the care that you took in blending your tile and tying it in with your neighboring tiles. I think that whoever it was that voted negatively against your tile, should rethink the very reason that they did this to you and perhaps review the administrators guide to voting any value at zero and below, that in keeping with this negative vote, they would post a comment to substantiate that low vote. I don't suppose that the one who did this has come to realize that by way of the server, the administrators can always locate them and identify this person if they feel that this vote was cast in a hateful or spiteful manner. Each voter arrives at this server with a correspondent IP address which makes it impossible to vote anonymously. I too have been assaulted in this same manner but because I believe in doing as others who deal more fairly, Antaydos and Primal_r, above have done,my vote on this tile will help to restore the balance of justice. You are a fine artist and your labors are a well appreciated addition to the quilts. Best Wishes, Eddie M.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Weird...
well, not that i dont appreciate your vote,
but youre taking it bit too serious imho ..
ive equaled the -5 vote out with my +5 vote.

thanks anyway ;)