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This tile is from Attack of the 50 Foot Mainquilter!

Comment: I'm proud of this one.
Checked out at: November 07, 2001
Checked in at: November 08, 2001
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Mystety user
good job
it is very nice. the guy really ties in this area nicely.
although there be some edge discrepency on the left bottom and also the right side...but that was a sudden blast of white so I think you chose well in that case. cool dude, dude :)
Mystety user
looking closer...
I really like how you connected that stuff from the left over to the right with that diagonal fence. good thinking, man. nice sunrise too.
ok bye
Mystety user
Re: looking closer...
...or is it a fire? lol, sorry
Getting there...
Sure beats the hell outta' Sudra Comics...
Yes, Jakub, be proud of this one!
left corners
i was wondering why you didnt continue these circle thingies.
and i screwed the left edge aswell and when i look at my tile more often
..i notice i smudged bit too much..
fits cool anyway, good work.