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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: Got Water?
By: Syzygy
Checked out at: October 08, 2001
Checked in at: October 08, 2001
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Got water?
My tile above is called "Hands across the water"... let's see what it is... come on...
I just love the mountain range up there in the northwest corner but I think that it could've used a few distant scrub pines to break up it's smoothness...
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The Triforce!
..and that there's Link on his magical quest to save the princess Zelda.
Re: The Triforce or the sweetest delta?
Actually, a second look makes me want to rename it, the eternal triangle. One needs to only take a close look at the very lines of these two tiles together.
Besides, anyone who can see a knife somewhere in the weave of a piece of decorative garter elastic, is alright with me!
And yep, there's water there too...
Well, I LOVE Zelda. I Hate Link though. The game as it is is fun, all of em, but I just hate Link. So I wanted him to die. I wanted him to be noticable, so I dropped the tri-force in there for good measure. And yes, that is my sword, the one in there, a photo taken of it 2 days ago. The hilt tooks COMPLETELY different though. Anyway, just wanted to clear the message/tile up. Look for my 3/4 corners... :) Top right, bottom right and bottom left. Unfortunatly someone took the tope left.... that woulda been cool to take all 4 corners in a quilt... oh well... up and coming tile: Ice Station Hoth. That one's in the middle though. Happy Tiling!
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Re: Explanation
I don't see any water
That's the point....
he died 'cuz of lack of water.... =P
Got Milk? (after a person doesn't have any milk)
in the commecials... its the same thing!
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Re: That's the point....
oh..ok. I thought he was jumping or something. now I can see he's lying face down on a dune hill. alright
Re: Re: That's the point....
He's right there, lying next to the man in the boat...
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Re: Re: Re: That's the point....
oh sure, I bet HE's got water.