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This tile is from Lord of the Rings

Comment: Nienna, the Cryer
Checked out at: October 02, 2001
Checked in at: October 02, 2001
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She's a bit grumpy, that's for sure. =)

Really great tile :) Smyle Primal_r x)
Sorry for my idiocy...
... but, who is she? I don't recall her being in the trilogy. However, the trilogy is all I've read. I haven't even read the Hobbit (gasp!) :)
Re: Sorry for my idiocy...
You are actually right - she is not in the trilogy. I don't know which book she appears in, but I got the information from the "Tolkien Beastiarium". I don't have the book here right now but this is what I remember in my head:

Nienna is a Valar. She cries constantly but they are not always tears of misery. At some time, the smithy Valar (whatever his name was) took one of Niennas tears and forged it into the light.

Something like that... I could give you a more exact description once I get home if you want to (I'm at my GF's house right now)..