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Comment: mending
Checked out at: September 20, 2001
Checked in at: September 20, 2001
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I waited.,,
It was days after we took our shots so magnificently that I let myself succumb to the great American capacity to rally under our socially, soul securing flag. I wanted to say so much but what in hell could I say that could possibly matter to you? I took the torn flag up in a tilist's cause and patched it up because more than anything, we need to mend. Stop hiding yourselves under the cloak of some distant threats of terror, be what you can be, by being yourself and let these towelheads go by, without recognition by YOU. Let's nip this terrorism shit in the bud and resolve ourselves to the job of Tiling while the rest of America
stays here, on hold... Thank God that we're not those kind of people who Gang up (upon each other when the chips are down) Oh yes, I love you all but owe most of it, to you and to those who stay staunch in their interest in tiling. Sam, you're the Man... Eddie M.
Re: I waited.,,
Nice symbolism.