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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: Blue Ice
Checked out at: September 18, 2001
Checked in at: September 19, 2001
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JMaguire, Tilist...
Mr. Maguire:
This was a nice approach to a starter (no border) tile. Even tho' the motif is not symmetrical, there is ample direction at all borders for a joining tile. When I joined the tile, there was but a bit of blue, mottled as it were and the diagonal cordlike lines which formed a natural pleat. Although often times, I can find some feeling for the tile that I am creating with just a peek at the border, in this case, as I began to move your pixels over the boundary line, I sought not to make this blue, the predominant color of the tile. I remembered the wisdom of a fellow tiler when she spoke to me about "White Space", perhaps a presence or even an absence of color and activity , purposed to force the focus of the eye upon the presentation. While freehanding the shrouded skull, I thought back to my airbrush days when working on murals upon vans and pick-up trucks and lo, before too long, wham!it was done! Of all the tiles that I have done, (over 75 now!) this solitary tile stands above so many others (in my own esteem). And to think that I owe it all to you! Nice work, write on.... Eddie M.