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This tile is from Return of the Mainquilters

Comment: I live in Ontario
Checked out at: September 25, 2001
Checked in at: September 25, 2001
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Nice tile!
Ken, YOU'VE CERTAINLY CARRIED THE BANNER HERE! Good tile from a great tilist... If it weren't for Mr. Gordon Sinclair, they could just blow the cannuks off of the map and I wouldn't shed too many tears. Sometimes friends are only friends until you need them but still, I pay tribute to your tile!.Lets hope that Canada doesn't forget who made her great but Ken, don't stop now! As they say, "So many tiles, so little time..." Eddie M.
Re: Nice tile!
Excuse you me sir, but I am a cannuk!
What do you mean, who made who great?

This sounds pretty off colour and discriminatory to me, please rephrase or refrain.

Well anywho, I don't want to have a heated discussion about Canada and The U.S.A., but I say sir you have offended me.

But hey thanks for saying that this is a good tile.
Re:Foot in mouth, a retraction...
Ken, Please forgive my thoughtless and callow remark, it was the "Southern Comfort" talking. I seem to have gotten unmercifally plastered last night and been writing with one eye open and my foot in my mouth! Sometimes this just happens to me, like you know, being the werewolf when the moon becomes full. In this case, I take no true inference to our Neighbors to the North and quite in contrast to my diminished outlook last night, enjoy the comfort of having such unobtrusive neighbors. Accept my heartfelt apologies to yourself as well as any others who stop here and are offended by my foolish commentary. I was surely talking outta' my ass. But I meant it when I said that your tile was very nicely done... Sorry for disappointing you and others, I am contritely, Eddie M.
Yay canuks, and ontario most of all. ^__^